Hair Extension Fusion Techniques

Hair extension fusion is when you fuse together the extensions to your natural hair. There are currently two types of fusion techniques available on the market today, thermal fusion, sometimes referred to as hot fusion, and cold fusion.

Both types of fusion will likely use a strand-by-strand method of attachment. A strand is typically 20-50 strands held together with a bond at the top. The extension strand is then fused to a section of your natural hair near the scalp. This method is ideal because you are able to add the extension strands to specific parts of your head and the strands can be placed so that they fall more naturally with your own tresses.

The strand-by-strand hair extension fusion techniques are one of the most time consuming of all techniques, but are also apt to last up to six months with proper care which is a lot longer than most extension methods. Plan on spending anywhere from 4-8 hours for your appointment if you are going in for the strand-by-strand method; this time frame depends on how much hair you are planning on applying and the speed with which your hair stylist can apply the strands.

* Thermal Extension Fusion

Thermal fusion uses a small and controlled amount of heat to soften the bond on the extension strand. Once the bond is soften it is applied to a section of your own hair. The bond then dries and should be secure near the root of your hair. Thermal fusion hair extensions are one of the more popular hair extension techniques because it lasts anywhere from 4-6 months. The drawback to this fusion technique is that the heat may weaken your natural hair, just as any type of heated hair tool may cause damage. It is recommended that your hair be healthy before applying thermal fusion extensions.

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