What Is ‘Connectworking?’

Connectworking is the next level of networking geared towards the digital age. While the Internet has made the potential for communications more prevalent than ever, it has also made the creation of an actual personal relationship more difficult than ever. The people who will succeed are the people who can cut through all the noise and build personal relationships – this is connectworking.

Below we will get into some of the specifics of what connectworking entails for a financial advisor recruiting firm.

– Financial advisor recruiters who are into connectworking create two way communications avenues for themselves.

The general concept of networking means getting in touch with people who can do something for you. Overall, this is just not the way that business is done anymore. With more specialized skills and the ability to work with anyone across the globe, people are only doing business with others who have something to bring to the table. Connectworking is a more sophisticated version of interacting with people so that you can find business partners with whom you share a common interest and whom you can help with your skill set.

Because people are working with peers much more often in the modern business landscape, the communication has taken on a much more even kind of tone. People who connectwork learn from each other, listen to each other, exchange contacts and expand each other’s social networks. There is no such thing as a one-way communication that works anymore.

– In connectworking, everyone is a trusted advisor.

In order for business to work in the modern day, everyone has a piece of the pie. Everyone is responsible for their end of the bargain, and everyone is trusted as an expert in their field. This means that information is shared across borders, not kept for personal gain. The people who succeed in connectworking are the ones who are able to trust each other over a digital platform.

In order to become a trusted advisor, you must share information. In order for people to trust you personally, you must share yourself. Connectworking is all about maintaining your brand and keeping others aware of what you are about. In effect, everyone is running their own business and coming together for a bigger project – connectworking is the glue that keeps everyone working in tandem.

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