Converting Your Website Visitors Into Willing Subscribers

One of the major problems faced by Internet marketers has always been to convert website visitors or traffic into subscribers. This is a problem faced both online and offline.

If you as a marketer spends money to get any traffic you to your website, then it is important that you do every thing possible to make sure that your traffic is not wasted and most especially, money is not also wasted.

It is important to convert every of your website visitor into subscribers because conversion improves your return on investment. This will make you not spend more money on traffic generation since most of your visitors do not leave your website without subscribing to your list.

There are several ways to improve your visitor conversion ratio in case your visitors leave your website just as they came, some of the basic element to consider in order to improver conversion ratio are discussed below.

1. Quality Web Copy

Poorly written Web Copy is one of the major factors responsible for very low conversion ratio.
The effectiveness of your web copy matters a lot in traffic conversion. No web surfer will want to visit a website that is totally irrelevant to him, neither will he return to any such site even if he got there by mistake.

The first place to look at is the headline of your web copy, how enticing is it? Can it easily catch people’s attention? Is it boring? All these questions must be properly looked into and answered concerning the headline. A very poor and boring headline can easily drive people off your website.

How effective and interesting is the main body or main copy of your website? A properly written main copy should be very interesting and explanatory. It should contain some benefits for the subscriber and they should be given a good reason why they should join your list.

2. How easy is it to join?

The position of your subscription form in your website matters a lot when dealing with the issue of visitor conversion.

What position is the form taking? Is it the top position, bottom position or middle? Any position can work but the main point is that you have to let your readers know the reason why they came to your site and what action you want them to take concerning the subscription box.

3. What benefits and incentives do you offer?

Offering incentives to your subscriber if they fill the form is a very good way to have them join your list.

Your visitors need to be given some benefits for joining as this may stand as the reason for their joining your list. No body want to give out their e-mail addresses just like that for no good reason, so you must give good incentives to your visitors. Incentives have proven to convert hesitant visitors into good subscribers as nobody will want to loose any free stuff.

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