Use Better Networker to Generate Responsive Traffic and Leads

When I got started in content promoting, I often struggled to go looking for ideas and content. I required a source to help find subjects and ideas of what to jot down some thoughts about and of course the way to write. While there are MANY different sources to find content out there, I am especially talking about one of my leading sources today. This site is ALSO one of my secret sites that I use to drive a large amount of traffic to my blog and because of the quality of the site, it’s quality traffic.

Let Me Reveal:

For those of you that already know Better Networker, you know what I am talking about. Mike Dillard took his old social network and converted it into in 2008. And each since then, it has grown into a primary resource for true content for other social promoters due to other quality network marketers.But it’s actually far more than just that.

Have You Visited Lately?

Earlier this year Better Networker turned into a paid membership site all with the focus of providing better quality for its readers and fellow members. Now, don’t freak out, you can still read and access the quality posted content within the site for no charge that is’s kind of a no-brainer. The depth of knowledge in the forums and articles is un-surpassed.

Further, you can always take part in the forums and interact by providing your own content including back links to your blog posts in the forums.

Here is One of My Tricks:

When I leave a piece of content to get some attention in the forums, all I am doing is leave a little snippet about your blog post and how it will be of benefit to the wonderful readers of the Better Networker forums.

Providing a backlink on Better is smart because Google loves their site. They’ve a extremely high Google page ranking, and also a great ranking in Alexa.


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