Sports Memorabilia Collections – How Do You Determine How Much a Ticket Stub is Worth?

Generally, World Series ticket stubs bring a much higher price than a ticket stub from a normal game during the season. However, many factors are involved when a collector buys or sells a ticket stub. For example, a collector, some ten, twenty, or thirty years later, may remember a specific game that he or she attended, but never kept the ticket stub.

Then for nostalgic reasons, let’s say that that person suddenly decides to see if someone has one available for sale. To that person, the ticket stub is invaluable, even if that particular sporting event or the players involved did not set any records during that specific game.

One thing is for certain, however. In today’s online Internet pricing game, if you own a particular ticket stub and you’re thinking of selling it on eBay or a similar auction site, you might want to reconsider it, since you do have other choices.

One option is to call sports card retailers within the city limits of where the sporting event took place to see if they have placed a value on the ticket stub. It just might happen that the ticket stub that you were thinking of selling on eBay for $100 is in fact value priced at $1,000.

The best advice that a card collector can learn is to have patience, do your research, and don’t try to make a quick sale, to make a quick dollar.

Although thousands of transactions take place on auction sites every day, not every receiver of the collectible item will handle the transaction honestly. Once the purchaser has sent you their money, and you have shipped your precious collectible ticket stub, the buyer could claim they never received the item and they could request a refund. The result? You will not recover the money you spent on eBay fees, but more importantly, you will have lost one of your treasured collectible ticket stubs.

It’s always best to deal with a reputable dealer, and if you’re the seller, then you would do well to convey honesty, integrity, and employ excellent customer service to anyone who wishes to buy one of your collectible ticket stubs or sports cards.


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