Philadelphia Shul Member Talks About New Philadelphia Synagogue

The CBH community is vibrant and alive with Jewish activity. In addition to regular daily and Sabbath services, Beth Hamedrosh offers an extensive schedule of learning opportunities for both men and women at all levels of knowledge, from the beginner to the advanced Talmudic scholar.

Rabbi Caplan regularly gives classes in Jewish thought that are open to the community. He has taught classes on “Eighteen Ways to Connect to G-d.”, Derech Hashem, kashrut, preparation for Pesach, and much more. He hosts a monthly “brunch and learn” at his home featuring coffee, bagels and Torah.

CBH is the closest Kehillah to the local day school, girls’ high school, and women’s mikva. Children’s programming is rich and varied. The shul provides babysitting for the Yamim Noraim, Shabbos groups for girls and boys, and a biweekly Shalosh Seudos for teenage girls. Our annual Succah hop, Chanukah party, and Purim Shpiel are not to be missed.

The Womens’ Organization of CBH offers exciting and enriching programming for the community at large, but especially for the women of our shul. The activities include everything from Rosh Chodesh, Shalosh Seudos, women’s Shabbos learning group, Tehillim group and Scholar-in-Residence Shabbaton.

Our community is a warm and inviting one where opportunities to join our chesed and outreach activities abound. From providing meals to new mothers and cholim, to a clothing gemach or our leadership in the local chesed fund (Chasdei Eliyahu), to the running of a Kiruv minyan and special programming for the less affiliated in our area, CBH is at the forefront of everything that makes an Orthodox community vibrant and beautiful. It’s a special place to live and raise a Jewish family.

The community is blessed with a 13 square mile eruv supervised by Rabbi Caplan.

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