Internet Basics: A Domain Name is Like a Ticket Stub

Ever go to a function where they’re going to be drawing for prizes later? When you come in, they give you a ticket stub and keep the other half for themselves. Your stub has a unique number on it. The part they kept has that same number on it.

When it’s time for the prizes, they stir up all the tickets and pull one out. And did you win? How can they know for sure? Simple.

They read that unique number out and you jump! That’s how they know who you are.

In fact, they can find you in the middle of the entire crowd, and they don’t need to know your name, or your face, or anything about you. As long as you jump up when they call out that unique number, they can find you. That’s one efficient system.

That’s what a domain name is like.

A domain name such as is a unique identifier. Once you own a domain name, nobody else can. Sure, they can buy or, but not

And if anybody anywhere wants to find your site, all they need to know is that your unique identifier is They type into their browser and your website jumps up. The domain name connects people with where your website is located, even in the middle of all the other websites, and all because every domain name is unique.

But what if you want to buy the domain name and someone else already owns it? Well, you have some options:

·Buy a similar domain name, such as (if it’s available)

·Buy the coolstuff domain name but with a different extension, such as or (if they’re available)

·Contact the owners of and see if they’ll sell it to you. To find out who owns a domain name and how you can contact them, simply type in the domain.

At the end of the day, a domain name makes it easy to find a single website amongst all the other websites out there.

And that’s why a domain name is like a ticket stub.

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