5 Ways to Write reddit Killer Persuasive Article Titles

One way to increase sales for an online business is to get professional writing services to produce viable, interesting content for your website. Persuasive articles can boost your company’s business undoubtedly. A good article can convince even the most indifferent person to buy your product.

The first thing that catches a potential customer’s eye is the title or headline of the web article. best essay writing service reddit¬†The title should be so catchy the target reader will be lured into reading the entire essay. The title should focus on a few things.

The art of writing a good title requires a lot of brainstorm and inspiration because even the most ingenious article can be ruined by a worn-out headline or a dreary title. So many books have been turned into best-sellers by simply changing their titles!

An article title works like an advertisement for your article. To make the article a success you must make sure your ‘ad’ grasps the readers’ attention.


  1. The title must be creative, compelling and attractive. It should be to the point, short and give sufficient reason for continued reading. You can also appeal to human psychology with emotional writing. Use a bizarre statistic, a stimulating question or anything that provokes interest in the reader.
  2. No one reads your article unless it appears in the search engines. So a good web article title should include keywords for targeted readers. Stop words (a, and, for, about, with and the like) should be minimized because search engines do not index these. You may have to invest in software that generate keywords.
  3. Sometimes a little formatting can go a long way. Upper and lower title case is always a better option than all caps (which might seem tempting). The truth is that all caps and sentence case are difficult to read. Full stops should not be used in the title, although a question mark or singular exclamation mark might be an interesting addition (depending on the title). Quotation marks are also proven to boost readership.
  4. The title must also illustrate a perceptible advantage for the reader. There are also some old-school time-tested marketing words that achieve winning sales that you should be incorporating. Questions are also a plus point and invoke a need to find the answers. They work better than statements and instructions.
  5. Curiosity is a major psychological element of the human nature and most advertising campaigns rely on this trait to make sales. If a title engages the curiosity of a reader, it also engages the reader to read on the rest of the article. If a reader is made to wonder and be inquisitive about the article, then your job is done! If your article keeps the promise that the title made, you have nothing to worry about.


The title is not just a good way to come up in the search engines. Search engines give out thousands of persuasive articles on keyword searches but only your title will keep the target reader from navigating to another article on the same search.


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