Content Builders & Article Marketing

Building content for a website may be a difficult thing, if you don’t have a clue what it means, but those copywriters who design online content and become proficient at their chosen skill know the value of research and general knowledge. When Dina Giolitto designed an online holiday honoring Web Content Providers last year, the value of content received due appreciation, but more importantly, providers became recognized as a group.

Article Marketing is not a new concept.

Long before the Internet became a Virtual Reality, experts in any given field were promoting their knowledge with newsletters, sales letters, informative brochures, newspaper articles, and commentary. The simplicity of self promotion online, gave Article Marketing a NEW venue.

Knowledge in any given area can promote your business interests with articles, blogs, newsletters, and online sharing of general information.

Today’s Content Builders use conceptual creative techniques.

A paragraph written in response to an email question becomes the foundation for an article posted on, a blog post, content on a website, and the basis of a newsletter.

“Here, stick this in your Monthly Newsletter” — a non-inspired reader might not recognize the value of a random ad sent via email, but those of us ‘in the know’ readily recognize it as an opportunity or an inspiration for more promotion. Few emails hit my in-box without resulting in some form of written response, inspired article marketing, or newsletter adaptation. When Dina sends out a message, even though she sends it to the masses, I respond to the challenge. And this article is just one climactic exposure – there are more to come!


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