Are Your Articles Getting Clicks For You?

Most of us are very fond of reading articles, blogs, news and different literature that we can find online. However, it is very disappointing as a reader to find hard to read content.

(Isn’t it very irritating?)

Usually the reader just clicks on the back button of the browser and disregard it even though the title promises something they wanted to know. Which is why you need to make sure to format your article very well to increase readership.

There are actually ways on how one would be able to do this…

Let us always think that most people who would like to read articles as well as blogs in the internet are disappointed greatly once they click on the article that you have made only to see blocks of text that are not formatted well.

– So What You Need To Do….

Create short sentences and short paragraphs. A paragraph is a group of two or more sentences. This is the basic definition of a paragraph. Keep mind that our job when building good content is not to dazzle our readers with our writing skill, yet our job is to deliver the content in an easy to read manner that answers the question given.

The most ideal number of sentences in a certain paragraph is 4 to 5 sentences. On the other hand, you must also make concise sentences made up of five words. Avoid too much use of complex sentences that will ruin the flow of what you are talking. With this in mind, you are rest assured that you will have an article that will be appreciated and viewed more.

– Bullet Points and Numberings Are Helpful…

The use of bullets as well as numberings in an article. This will surely be of great help for readers especially in making sure that they will be able to get the salient points of your article or articles. By doing so, you are giving your readers the chance to slowly but surely understand what the article has to say. Also, this will attract readers that are pressed for time and just want some quick tips.

– Make Use Text Formatting

Commonly, the most used text formatting is the italics and bold. As such, this will give the readers the better grasp of the points that you would like them to know. Using all of this will surely increase you article views and clicks.

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