London British Museum Guide

London is a great city with over 2000 years of royal history running through it. Being a global culture platform, the city draws the attraction of millions of people from all corners of the World. Although geographically,it covers a small area, people throng to London to capture the beauty of the city with eye catching landmarks and attractions. Be it day or night, you will truly find London rocking all year round.

Visiting a city like London will create beautiful memories that will stay with you forever. When looking into London’s historical attractions, you will be sure to find that The British Museum is recommended as one of London’s top attractions. The history and culture of the beautiful city is clearly depicted through this world class museum. Originating from different continents, the 7 million collections in the museum include outstanding arts, antiquities, objects, scripts, textbooks and works of famous artists.

In 1753, the museum was established with the collections of physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane. He had 71,000 objects that consisted of 40,000 books, 7,000 manuscripts, drawings and prints and antiques from Greece, Rome, Egypt, and many different countries. The museum was open to the public in 1759 in Montagu House, Bloomsbury. In 1857, a round reading room was opened in the library to offer readers more comfort. In 1997, the library and museum were moved to separate buildings. Today, both of them function separately with 150 million objects in the library and 70 million objects in the museum.

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