How Is British Gas Saving The Environment?

British Gas often receives negative press over a variety issues, but the UK’s largest energy supplier also promotes and supports a number of initiatives and schemes which give back to the community. In recent years it has become very active in promoting green initiatives and providing customers with information on how to save energy and reduce bills. This comes at a time when global energy prices are rising and consequently placing additional financial burden on the average household.


One of the latest schemes undertaken by the energy giant includes a partnership deal with Sainsbury’s Energy. This is an attempt to raise awareness of microgeneration, which is basically the practice of small scale energy generation by individuals and small communities, British Gas and Sainsbury’s Energy are offering a range of energy technologies and information in supermarkets.

Supermarket customers will be able to find deals and learn how micorgeneration can help them reduce their bills and carbon footprint. According to a recent report about 87% of British consumers do not know what microgeneration is. The idea is to get households to install solar panels and other technology which can help them generate some of their own energy and save money.

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