How a Single Man Manipulated the British Economy

Have you ever noticed how in history certain people have a way of influencing major events? Look into the past of rock music alone and you will find that big names like Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and others of their time hung out together, and some even played in the same band. This is true in the building of our great nation’s history as well. US History has been influenced by many prominent men and women. Among some of the most notable are Benjamin Franklin and Nathan Rothschild.

The control of financing has in the United States has shifted from Congress to a centrally owned bank throughout history. Founding father like Benjamin Franklin observed the tug-a-war and understood the problems with a central banking system that was privately owned. Benjamin Franklin believed the real cause of the American Revolution was a result of British financing. When the British national debt got out of hand and ran up because of the British central bank and the Bank of England, Parliament had to find a solution. At the time their answer was to pass on unfair taxes to the American colonist.

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