Getting Your British Brand Into Brazil – Part Two

As well as taking advantage of the digital revolution that is currently taking place in Brazil at the moment, British brands need to understand the culture and ‘flavour’ of Brazil in order to really establish their brand as a force in what is fast becoming a competitive market.

Many British brands are able to add a vast knowledge of digital marketing and advertising to the Brazilian economy, however, many Brazilian advertising executives suggest that British businesses lack the understanding of Brazilian interests in order to take their digital advertising to the next level.

Many British brands that have tried to penetrate the Brazilian market have done so by creating a frenzy of ‘hype’, without delivering a product or service to back up the hype, or that appeals to Brazilian culture.

How can this be improved?

In the first instance, British brands really need to understand the people they are aiming their brand at. Many Brazilian advertising experts recommend adding some ‘Brazilian flavour’ to an advertising or marketing campaign.

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