Collecting British Commonwealth Stamps 1840-1970

If you are looking for a new hobby that could well become a good investment in the future, then why not start to collect British Commonwealth Stamps 1840-1970?

The whole stamp market throughout the world has grown at a vast rate of knots over the last ten years as new money comes into this very popular collecting area from the Eastern developing countries.

British Commonwealth stamps just happen to be at the forefront of this surge in the market, with countries like Dubai, Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaya and India all pushing the market ever upwards in their quest to buy back some of their past history.

Just five years ago I could buy a very good mint collection of King George VI British Commonwealth stamps for £2000 at auction, now a similar collection will cost in excess of £6000 at the same auction house!!.

The good thing about British Commonwealth stamps is the shear size and number of countries and states that you can look to collect, in fact over 300 in total. Prices vary considerably with stamps fetching from as little as 10 Pence for low value used stamps, on-the-other-hand some stamps from countries like Mauritius can cost you up to 700,000 Pounds each.

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