2 Deliciously British Vegetable Recipes

British cuisine is not known the world-over for its deliciousness. Instead, it is accused of being bland and tasteless. Well personally, I find your American McDonald’s hamburgers to utterly tasteless, and don’t even get me started on the “subtle” (read, non-existent) flavours of Japanese food. But I digress – British food can be delicious, I’m going to show you just 2 simple recipes that are distinctly British. But not only that – I’m going to step up and really make this a challenge – for not only will the recipes be entirely British – but they will also be entirely vegetable based! Impossible, you cry! Cannot be done, I hear you shout! Making vegetables delicious is hard enough, but making British vegetables delicious would require a miracle, or a cordon-bleu degree as a chef!

Hah! Read on!

Broad Bean Bake:

Broad beans have been cultivated in Britain for hundreds of years now, but were apparently eaten by the Romans and Egyptians too. They were also often served at feasts and banquets in the 16th and 17th centuries, so someone must have liked them. This recipe serves 2:

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