Homemade Secret Restaurant Recipes

This recipe cookbook gives you plenty of recipes for you to choose from. With over 700 very thoroughly explained recipes that are easy to make, you will be enjoying cooking for far less money and save a lot of your time. It is great for preparing magnificent dishes for a parties, gatherings etc. Also you don’t have to have any over the top cooking knowledge and skills. You will be able to prepare a meal in a matter of minutes. The cookbook’s author Ron Douglas has perfectly explained every single step of preparing the meal. His style of writing is humorous so you will have fun cooking.

– The average American family eats out 3 to 4 time a week. If you compare the long waiting lines at the restaurants or fast food franchises with you, by yourself in your kitchen, you will feel more relaxed and actually enjoy while you preparing your favorite restaurant dish.

– It is a money saver. By staying at your home preparing it yourself you will save money that you usually give away for gas.

– With this book you additionally get 7 more cookbooks for free. A Secret Sauces book, Good Ole Comfort Foods, Grilling book, Kids dishes book, Special occasion recipes book, and a book with recipes for diabetic people.

All in one, this makes a great bargain, its reviews are phenomenal and it is offered by a very affordable price.
It gives you the opportunity the be the home chef that everybody loves.

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