Shops in Plymouth

There are loads of great shops in Plymouth that can supply just what you are looking for. Whether you are a visitor to the area or are looking for something special, there is bound to be somewhere that you can find it in Plymouth. The usual problem is choosing where to look. The city is well spread out and there are at least a dozen shopping areas with up to 40 shops in each, so it can take a while to search, but a good website can help a great deal.

Most of the shop directories give you an idea of the address of a shop, but hardly ever tell you what they sell or let you into the treasure trove that you can find behind some shop doors. What you need to do is to first look on a website that gives you an insight into the shop interior, and their special products and services.

City Centre

Naturally, most of the major shops in Plymouth are based in the City Centre where there are all the usual chains supplying all manner of goods. With over 500 shops plus the new Drake Circus shopping centre with another 50 or so, there is a vast selection of goods on offer. It is one of the best shopping centres in Devon and Cornwall. Most shops are open 7 days a week and the City centre is easily accessible by road, rail and on foot.

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