Most Famous Women’s Perfumes

In the world of perfume there are many unforgettable fragrances that stand out as the most famous women’s perfumes. Perfumes are specially formulated to work with a woman’s natural scent so one perfume may smell completely different on different women. The really great ones will make any woman feel confidant and irresistible.

Perfume has the ability to make a woman feel sweet and sexy, alluring and attractive, fun and flamboyant or mysterious and majestic depending on the aroma of the blend. Perfumes have a wide array of scents that invoke different feelings and memories and can help to set the mood for almost any occasion.

There are many makers of fine fragrances and scents but a few really stand out as being the most famous women’s perfumes of all time. Any of the Christian Dior collection of perfumes could be considered to be an all time favorite famous perfume. Dior’s Jadore and Addict are among the top scents created by this aromatic genius. Poison is another famous and popular fragrance that was created by Christian Dior.

When talking about famous women’s perfumes one must include the brilliant fragrances of Chanel. Chanel No. 5 is a timeless example of a fragrance that has stood the test of time and remains as popular and appealing today as when it was first introduced. Chanel No. 5 is one of the most famous and popular fragrances available to women. Some other popular fragrances that are offered by Chanel include Chanel No. 19, Chanel Coco, Chanel Cristalle and Chanel Egoiste.

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