Is There a Cure for Asthma? The Asthma Cure Report

It’s seems hard to believe that in this age of technological breakthroughs there wouldn’t be a cure for asthma; something I consider to be a very curable “disease”, since I have personally experienced the elimination of any of the symptoms I once had, thanks to the process I follow. If you’ve ever wished there was a cure you found it!

I’m very familiar with the phlegm buildup that starts growing in your bronchial area at the smallest exposure to a cold breeze; the wheezing that grows into a real difficulty breathing, the tightness in the chest, simply because an allergic reaction to dust, pollen, or some other air-borne particulate brought it on; or the asthmatic cough and gasping for air that put me through a debilitating and embarrassing episode, just because I got too excited during a game and ran harder than I should have. All these things are in the past for me now.

The fact is that there exists a cure, and I’m sure a lot of people are aware of it, however it is far more profitable to keep humanity at large in ignorance of it because this is a fat cash-cow that will continue to be milked very profitably as long as people don’t find out. Just do a Google search on the annual profits of any of the companies that are selling any product related to the “asthma industry”.

Now, I’m not so naive as to ignore that the statement I just made can easily be placed under the label – conspiracy theory – but regardless of the label, the truth is that I know different because I live without asthma, and have done so for the past fourteen years thanks to the process I follow.

To say that my life is blessedly free from the stress and aggravation caused by asthmatic episodes, not to speak of the peace of mind afforded my entire family because of the absence of this health problem in our lives would be an understatement, because as anyone who suffers from asthma attacks knows, this illness is a real family affair.

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