Famous Restaurant Recipes – Using Herbs Successfully in Famous Restaurant Recipes

Have you ever wondered how professional chefs use herbs to flavor their famous restaurant recipes? The secret is in the quantities and combinations. I am going to unlock some of the mysteries behind the flavoring techniques of famous restaurant chefs. I will discuss some well known herbs and tell you how to use them successfully. I will also inform you of some herb combinations to avoid.

BASIL: Basil is an Italian, slightly sweet herb. Use it freely in traditional Italian dishes, pesto sauces, squash casserole, vegetable soup and Italian tortellini soup. Basil turns brown quickly, so do not tear the leaves until ready to use. Dried basil can be stirred in sauces and soups (at the beginning of cooking). Fresh basil should be tossed in only at the end of cooking, as the herb is delicate. The amount to use depends on personal taste (generous amounts can certainly be used in your favorite foods).

ROSEMARY: Rosemary is a pine like, pungent herb. Remove the leaves from their stems by pulling them out against the grain of the stem.

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