Exercise For Those With Asthma

Being physically active promotes good health. However, people with asthma often shy away from exercise because exercise itself could trigger an attack. This kind of asthma is known as Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). EIA can be brought under control by following an effective asthma management plan and should not be allowed to interfere with physical activity.

Benefits of exercise for asthma patients:

Just as it helps other people, exercise can help asthma patients to:


  • Strengthen their muscles and bones
  • Maintain recommended body weight
  • Boost the strength of the immune system


Exercise can help asthma patients improve their physical as well as mental health. It induces a feeling of well being and keeps the mind engaged and happy. As it aids in maintaining the right body weight, exercise can also help asthma patients avoid conditions associated with weight gain like diabetes, elevated blood pressure, elevated blood cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases and so on.

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