Allergy Related Toy Certification Marks Must Be Validated and Have a Sound Basis in Science

Many doctors, nurses and asthma educators advise parents to remove stuffed toys from the bedroom of children with allergies and asthma. Additional advice such as wash them regularly and avoid toys with fabrics that have harsh chemicals is also given. This leaves parents in a dilemma and confused when deciding which toys are suitable to buy for children. The asthma & allergy friendly logo program was set up to tackle this issue.

Stuffed toys are an established reservoir for house dust mites. The relationship between house dust mite allergens and asthma has been comprehensively reviewed and published in reports from the ‘International Workshops in Allergens and Asthma’. The Workshops’ participants were experts invited from around the world to discuss prior research in this field, to formulate recommendations for allergen-specific management of asthma, and to consider future research directions.

The report of the 3rd International Workshop in Indoor Allergens and Asthma declares that “appropriate standards for products marketed for allergen avoidance, should be developed by industry or consumer agencies”.

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