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Parents or teachers can use the following spelling games to reinforce spelling in children.

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Play any game that is usually played with dice with a child, like Monopoly, for example. A parent can continue to move their symbol forward in the normal way by rolling the dice, but the child must orally spell the word to advance.

To determine which words to use, parents can use words from a child’s schoolwork that are often misspelled. You should make word cards with these words. It is best to use no less than 20 words and no more than 30. When playing a board game, the same 20-30 words can be used, or if the child already knows how to spell them, other words can be chosen. A parent must carefully switch word cards and then place them in an upside-down pile on the table between two (or more) players.

When it is the child’s turn to play, the parent should take a word from the top of the pile and then pronounce the word out loud. The child should spell the word. If the child spells the word correctly, he can move his token with the same number of spaces as there are letters in the word. For example, for a seven-letter word, you can move the square forward seven spaces. The word card is set aside. However, if the word is misspelled, the parent must show it to the child, and the child must spell the word out loud three times while looking at it, then three times without looking at it. The word is then placed at the bottom of the stack, so that it appears again later. If a child misspells a word, he will not be able to move his symbol which turns as well.

Spelling Game 2: Hide and Find Game

Use letters of a specific word and create new words with these letters. For example, if a person decides to use the word “difficulty,” he will write that word on a piece of paper and place it in front of the child.

The aim of the game is for the child to make a list of all the words that come to mind, using only the letters of the chosen word. It can also be played as a contest, which means the parents can play with the child, and in the end, the one with the most correctly spelled words wins.

There are always many words that can be formed in this way, and the spelling of the chosen word is practiced indirectly, while many other words are also tested for spelling. Some examples of words that can be formed from the letters “difficult” are: yes, left, worship, cliff, fifty, duty, etc.

Please note that each character can only be used once. The letter f appears twice in the word “difficulty,” so a word like “fifty” is acceptable. However, “boring” is unacceptable.

Some examples of words that will be used: alphabetical; Misunderstood from time to time; Postponement; mayonnaise; Owner of big money; credibility; determination; Education; friendship; generosity; Hippopotamus.

Spelling Game 3: The word salt

Another interesting way to practice spelling is to mix up words. Then the child must sort out the mysterious letters to find a word he has already learned.

The words should be chosen from the child’s schoolwork. Use a piece of paper and write the word jumble on paper. For example, if the letters “hergun” are written on paper, the child must rearrange them to form the word “hunger”.

Spelling Game 4: Name, Surname, Animal, and City / Town

To play this game, both parent and child will need a piece of paper and a pencil. Write 26 letters of the alphabet on paper and select a random letter. Parent and child must now, as quickly as possible, write the name, surname, animal and city starting with the specified letter. Whoever finishes first gives the other person only 5 seconds, before shouting “Stop!” After that, all pencils should be left behind.

Ten points are awarded for each correctly spelled word. If a parent and child both have the exact same word under one of the headings, say for example they both have the same animal, then only 5 points will be awarded if the word is spelled correctly.

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