Ask Them For Referrals

Ask Them For Referrals – Once the new user has begun to use the system they should ask the network for referrals to people who can help them grow their network. In most cases, this network of people will be people who know, like, and trust the user. This is why the user should ask for referrals from these people because they already know who the user would be likely to get along with, which avoids awkward referrals where the referred person and the user do not get along. They also have knowledge of what the user does and have contacts that can help the user do their job better or be more successful at what they do.

Help Them Out First- Refer Them To Your List – The way to get people to refer to the user is to refer people to the network first. This is the phenomenon of reciprocation where the network will reciprocate the good deeds bestowed on them. This is “owing me” one in a business field. A business that helps another business succeed is far more likely to have the business also help them in return. This may help the business generate more referrals and more sales, which should be the goal for any business.

In closing, the first place that a user should look for contacts and how to use social networking platforms is their own network. This network has someone inside of it (more than likely) who is skilled at generating contacts and clients through the platforms and is more than willing to help their friend or family member (the user) make more money. What is important is that the user asks their network for help and then gives them help before they ask for it.

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